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The Perfect Gift For Your Boyfriend

Everyone has that one person in their life that's difficult to buy for. If the man in your life has you stumped, and you don't know what to get him – I’ve got you covered! When shopping for a gift for your boyfriend, you, (of course), want to get something he will enjoy, but there is more to it than that. It should be thoughtful, unique, functional and perhaps even romantic. A good gift should show that you know your man well, and you know what he’s into. This includes knowing all about his interests, likes, and dislikes, and how he spends his time.  

 For men, there should also be a fair amount of functionality. Men tend to appreciate gifts that are function-driven. Just think of the gifts you have received from your boyfriend. Men equate function with being a great gift, that’s why so many women are on the receiving end of new cookware and vacuum cleaners on their birthday. To them, an item that serves a purpose is a superior present. In many ways, this makes shopping for a gift for your boyfriend easier. The gift you choose will depend on his interests, like whether he is a gamer, sports fan or BBQ-master.   

It definitely isn't easy to find one gift that makes an excellent gift for any guy. Difficult but not impossible. In fact, there is one gift that is perfect for every boyfriend no matter his interests, age, or style. It’s the ideal gift if you’ve been together for just a few months or ten years. That gift, is a watch. 

 Watches have been a signature gift between couples for decades. Back in the day, women would send their boyfriends or husbands off to war with a pocket watch, perhaps adorned with a lock of hair or a picture. Watches have continued to be a fantastic gift years later, and it makes perfect sense. Wristwatches fit all the criteria of a great gift for your boyfriend and can be budget-friendly. You don’t need a thousand-dollar budget to get a great watch. Many watches are easy on the wallet, without compromising style or quality. GQ’s watch columnist Benjamin Clymer says going with smaller watch retailers will give you greater ingenuity and artistry. 

 If your boyfriend already has a watch or perhaps you have never seen him wear one, that doesn’t mean this gift idea is out. When given as a gift, there is a lot more to a watch than you may initially think. Here’s why a watch makes the perfect gift.

 It’s thoughtful.

Watches aren’t something you pick blindly. With countless features and different styles available, a lot of thought and consideration goes into choosing a watch. He will know that you took the time considering his style and what he likes when you picked it out.    

 It’s romantic.

Every time he looks down at his wrist, he will think of you, and in some ways, every time he wears it a little piece of you is with him. You can have the back of some watches engraved. You could have the GPS coordinates of where you had your first kiss, your anniversary date or a simple “I love you” written on the back. 

 It’s reliable. 

Although styles have remained similar, watch technology continues to get better and better. It's technology you can trust, and you don’t have to remember to plug it in overnight. Ultimately, when you give your boyfriend a watch, you are giving him the gift of time. Every time he looks at his phone for the time, there are new distractions and notifications. This watch will allow him to stay focused and on-time. 

 It’s stylish. 

A watch adds a lot of style to any outfit. It’s the perfect accessory that can bring a look together. Watches come in different materials like stainless steel, silver or gold and can have a detailed face or be very minimalistic. You know your man best and know what type of watch he would love. Consider how he dresses so he can get the most wear out of it. 

 It’s functional.

If your boyfriend has a phone (which I’m sure he does), he already has a way to tell time. Although this works, it’s not as convenient or accurate as a watch. A watch makes it a lot easier to discreetly check the time and see if you are running behind or need to wrap up a meeting. Unlike smartwatches, a classic watch will allow you to get the time without the distractions of text messages and email notifications. 

It’s timeless. 

A watch is timeless. Some people have passed watches down through multiple generations. Although styles have evolved, they are relatively the same as they were decades ago. Unlike a bottle of scotch or a new set of barbeque tools, a watch is a gift that will last. It’s something he can cherish and use for years to come. 

Before purchasing a watch for your boyfriend, there are a few things you should consider. First, consider his current accessories. Does he wear jewellery? If so, pick a watch that will complement the pieces he already wears. Secondly, consider his clothing and overall style. Some watches are more formal and pair very well with suits where others are more casual and look great with jeans. For something versatile that will take him from work to the weekend and everything in between, look for something in the middle like a black stainless steel mesh strap and face. Lastly, consider the functions he would like. Would he need to keep seconds and therefore benefit from a chronograph watch, or will a simple face work? Does he dive and go underwater? If so, these are features you should look for in the watch. 

If you want a gift that will stand the test of time just like your relationship, then a watch is the way to go. Watches have a lot of personality, and when you pick the perfect watch, you show how much thought went into this gift. It’s functional, romantic and stylish.