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Where to start?

Its impossible to fit a lifetime of what's lead myself, 'Finny', to establishing KINGZQUEEN as an up and coming brand. I am no writer so I can only speak from the heart...

I had always had a vision of delivering my own brand of watches that delivers quality without losing sight of the what really matters. Values. 

From early 2016 I set out to find a partner who shared the same obsession with quality before quantity, where cutting corners was not an option and by late 2016 I did.

I have now spent the best part of 5 years of my life getting to this point. Pushing the boundaries of affordable quality and enjoying every moment of it!

We have huge plans for the future of KGZQ and the further we go, the more we are truly thankful to a community of people who share the same values, mindset and ambition.

We are truly grateful for your continued support and thank you all.

One last thought. Why the name KINGZQUEEN...? I believe everyone should be treated like they matter. That they are special because you truly are. You're unique. No one has what you have. Your the KINGZQUEEN of this world. Don't let anyone try and tell you any different.

Welcome to the KGZQ family.