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About KGZQ Watches

Crafted men's watches. Crafted women's watches and unisex watches.

Is this all we are about?

Customers...its so much more than that!

The thing is, it's not about us at all. It's about You.

Is it about the value of a watch? No! Not the price tag. The REAL value of a watch is in the memories it holds.

Let us Explain...

It's about those sick memories with 'The Boyz’. The kind that brings you to legendary status and stamps its place in your memory for the rest of your crazy life. Bro, they will tell tales about you! Kids will look up to you man. Why haven’t they built your statue yet?

Its cocktails, beaches, holidays and magic nights out with 'Your Girlz'. It's you looking lethal on the dance floor without a care in the world. Cheeks sore from laughing because you’re with those friends who crack you up. The best nights of your life!
It's the thrilling adventurer willing to go anywhere, climb anything and experience everything.

The sunny days cruising in your car, windows down and your beats blasting up your spine. 

Awesome time spent with your soul mate. Your family. Banging laughter with your friends and the people you love!

It's your moment in the mirror. You clip on your stylish watch and that buzzing feeling courses through your body because you know you're looking good. Your watch just set the tone.

Rock up to meet your peeps and they know that dirty smile on your face means your bringing the good Vibes. Oh, you know!

These moments. Real memories! That's what KGZQ is all about! That my friends is the treasure behind a watch. A treasure for yours to keep.

We strive to bring you stylish, classy, modern and minimal luxury watches that are guaranteed to get you a lot of attention and compliments without breaking the bank. 

We are your unique watch brand that truly cares about you. That's a brand promise. Join us and you join a family.

KINGZQUEEN. We are about you and your moments.

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