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A Timeless Gift For Your Girlfriend

Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend can be a struggle! We often overthink it, questioning every possible option, complicating it and making it way harder than it needs to be. We scour our memory to recall all the things she said she liked and then hyper-focus on one thing. Or, we think of something she does a lot – like cooking or baking and then buy her things related to this. Although functional, this is not what women want.

The good news is, it’s easier than you think, and we’re going to simplify it for you! Your girlfriend wants a thoughtful, romantic gift, that shows you care. She wants something that you picked out, just for her.  Something that shows you put time and effort into it – thinking about her likes and dislikes, her style, what she wears on a daily basis. These things matter! 

So, let’s get straight to the point so you can get back to shopping for a gift. A watch is the perfect gift for your girlfriend, and you simply can’t go wrong!

Here’s why.

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift…a watch makes sense for all occasions. Women’s watches are like jewellery. But… it’s jewellery with a purpose. So even if your loved one isn’t one to wear a lot of accessories, she will likely still appreciate a watch.

In your quest to find the perfect gift you have probably already looked up girlfriend gift guides or did a google search asking “what’s the perfect gift for my girlfriend?” On every list, you will find a watch.  

Watches are a timeless gift. It is something she will wear that will remind her of you. It is something she will feel confident wearing and most importantly, will help her stay present. This is a goal of almost everyone these days, for good reason. When we use our phones to check the time, we quickly become distracted by social media notifications, text messages and missed calls. It breaks our focus and ends up eating up precious time in our day. A watch will allow her to stay unplugged whether that be at work, or when spending quality time with you.

If the woman in your life appreciates accessories like shoes or handbags, then she will likely value the style a watch adds to an outfit. A watch completes any outfit and gives the added detail needed to pull it all together.

Watches are incredibly versatile and come in a multitude of styles. Some are more focused on design and aesthetics, where others are function-driven. Then there are those that do both really well. When picking out a watch for your girlfriend, you don’t want to take chances. It is something she should be able to wear every day, so you want to ensure it fits her lifestyle and personal aesthetic. To help you pick out the perfect gift for your girlfriend, we have put together a list of considerations you should make before buying a watch.

Consider her personal style (e.g., casual or formal?) 

Is she more the more athletic type that prefers wearing joggers and sneakers over dresses? Or does she like to get dressed up, often wearing skirts and heels to work? Or, perhaps she is a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl? Consider her everyday style and pick a watch that will match. If you aren’t sure, then it’s best to play it safe. A mesh stainless steel band in rose gold or gold is a solid choice that will go with almost everything!

Consider your budget. 

Watches often have a reputation for being super expensive and luxurious. And although they may look that way on the wrist, there are plenty of budget-friendly options. Consider what your budget is before you start shopping. Watches price range is substantial, but for under $100, you can find a nice watch, and for a few hundred you can find an exceptionally high-quality watch that will last for years to come.  

Choose the brand (e.g., big-name brand or boutique label).

A boutique watch brand is your best option for finding a quality timepiece for a reasonable price. There are new brands retailing online that have superior technology and style. When purchasing direct, you save yourself a lot of money as you aren’t paying jewellery store markup. Alternatively, there are well-known brands that sell other accessories like shoes, handbags and sunglasses that have gotten in on the watch-game. Typically these watches are made by another company that has the right to use their branding and name.

Consider the face size (e.g., small, medium or large?).

Women’s watch faces range from very small to large. The ultra-small faces are typically for more formal jewellery-inspired watches with a bangle or link strap in gold or silver. Larger faced watches are often more modern and casual. Unless she has explicitly told you she prefers small or oversized, stick to somewhere in the middle. A 38mm face has a modern look while not feeling cumbersome. Consider her frame too. If she has smaller-than-average wrists a face that is too large won’t feel as comfortable.

Consider the style of the watch (e.g., chronograph, quartz, dive, or automatic?). 

There are several different styles of women’s watches, each with their own distinct set of features and characteristics. Sometimes these features are more for aesthetic purposes than actual function. A quartz watch is a classic choice that looks great and is lightweight and comfortable. Most importantly, quartz watches are very reliable and last a long time. If she would like the detail or second-keeping function of a chronograph watch, these watches are a stylish option as well.

When you consider these five things, you will find your girlfriend the perfect watch. Before giving her the gift, remember – presentation is everything. If you ordered it online and you hand her the box it was shipped in it won’t feel as special. You can make a less expensive gift feel luxe just by changing up the gift wrapping. If your watch didn’t come with one, get a nice box to put it in and then wrap it up or put it in a gift bag. Lastly, don’t forget the card. Ideally, you should write something meaningful inside, beyond the text that came printed in the card.

A beautiful time-related quote by an unknown author goes “Because I could watch you for a single minute and find a thousand things that I love about you”. Write this or your own romantic sentiments in a card, and you will have given her a timeless gift she will love.