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Your fit is not complete without a watch – here’s why.

Your fit is not complete without a watch – here’s why.

Let’s be real for a minute. Can you tell time? No shame if you can’t.  Research has shown a significant percentage of Gen Z’s and Millennials have trouble reading an analogue clock.  Growing up in the digital era with a smartphone in hand, there hasn’t been a need to!  Despite this, many still own a watch, sometimes several.  Why own a watch if we can simply turn to our phones? Because your fit isn’t complete without one.

No one is buying a watch for the sole purpose of telling time. It’s a style piece…. a status symbol. Watches have been a symbol of status and wealth for centuries.  Kings in the 18th century were flashing their pocket watch around to impress the commoners.   Step into an exclusive restaurant or nightclub today and you’ll see that not much has changed.

A sleek, well- crafted timepiece displays the wearers appreciation for the finer things in life. A fine watch is an investment; the intricacy and detail that goes into crafting a watch carries a heavier price tag.  These traits are reflected onto the person who wears it.  A watch reflects the light and catches your eye. It’s noticed. Whether we acknowledge it or not, people are judging us on our appearance and what we wear.  Your watch plays a big part in the impressions you make.  An expensive watch portrays importance, wealth, and power. It shows success.

Timeless fashion looks effortless and yet every detail is considered, from the laces in the shoes and socks to shirt buttons and watch.  It’s all in the details. Adding a watch to a casual outfit can elevate your look. Pairing a watch with a suit somehow makes it look more tailored and expensive.  The type of watch you choose is up to you.  The fashion police have loosened up a bit on watches over the past decade, and people are looking to express themselves with a distinctive timepiece.

Clearly there is a deep psychology involved in wearing a watch that goes back a long way. It’s one of the easiest ways to send a message without saying a word.  Every time we get dressed, we are sending a message and if you are going to send one, you want it to be in your favour.

Most of us are looking to impress and adding a watch to your outfit is a way to do that.  There is a catch though, don’t wear the same watch for every occasion with every outfit.  Gradually grow your collection of watches so you have an appropriate piece for every style and occasion. You shouldn’t wear the same watch to a business meeting that you would to the gym. 

Whether you have plans to grace the cover the GQ or want to look successful at your next meeting, complete your look with a watch. It makes a huge difference and will take your look from mediocre to iconic.



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