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You Gotta Clean That Watch!

You Gotta Clean That Watch!

Can you remember the last time you gave your watch a proper cleaning?  Now more than ever, hand hygiene is so important. But what about watch hygiene? It’s a thing, and it’s so important!  Every time you eat, wash your hands, use hand creams, etc. you risk getting your watch dirty. Sweat, sunscreen and lotion can build up pretty quickly on your watch.  The fact is, majority of watch wearers aren’t cleaning their watch nearly enough.  You really gotta clean that watch!

There are two ways to do this, clean your watch yourself or take it to a watchmaker.  A watchmaker is not only an expert at watch repairs but can give your watch the thorough cleaning it needs.  Ideally, you should practice both.  Clean the watch yourself regularly and every so often take it to a watchmaker for a detailing.

How to Clean Your Watch

You should give your watch a quick wipe down after every wear using a soft, clean cloth.  Wipe the inside of the watch and band that touches your skin and gently around the face.   For a more thorough watch clean, it will depend on the material that your watch and band are made of.   The most versatile cleaner for metals, is good old-fashioned dish soap.  Mix a small amount of dish soap with warm water and immerse the watch band for no more than 20 seconds. If your watch is not waterproof, be extra careful not to get the face wet.  After a short soak, gently scrub with a toothbrush or cloth before rinsing with warm water and patting dry.   For a leather band you should not use dish soap but instead use a specialized leather cleaner and conditioner.  This will avoid drying and cracking of the band as well as keep the colour of the leather rich and prevent discoloration.

Have a Watchmaker Clean Your Watch

Just like a car, sometimes you need a professional with the right tools to give it a detailed cleaning. By taking your watch to a watchmaker to have it cleaned, they can ensure all the sweat and build-up is removed from the tiniest crevices without risking damage to the watch itself.   Many watchmakers will include a cleaning with repair or maintenance services.  Before dropping off your watch, ask your watchmaker if this is a service they provide.  If it is, it is a much better value to get a watch tune up at the same time. 

Maintaining your watch includes both cleaning and repairs.  A watch is only a good investment or a stylish addition to an outfit, when it is clean.  Without proper cleaning, sweat build-up can eat away at the metals and cause your watch to tarnish, not to mention it makes your hygiene look questionable.  A simple internet search will bring up a directory of watchmakers in your area.  If you have been neglectful on the cleaning front, I highly recommend you ring up a watchmaker today.


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