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Women’s Watches: Adding Spice to Every Outfit

Women’s Watches: Adding Spice to Every Outfit

If you have ever asked yourself whether or not women’s watches are in style, just look at the wrists of fashion icons Kate Middleton, Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Anniston. Rarely will you see these beauties without a stunning timepiece on their wrist! 

Watches are like jewellery, and just like jewellery, they are an easy way to add personality and style to any outfit. There are so many different styles of watches to choose from, many of which look great with everything from athleisure to formal wear. Even iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren shares these sentiments! Ralph said it best when he said in an interview, “For me, accessories create and define a women’s personal style. The bag she carries, the watch on her wrist, her jewellery, her sunglasses, her shoes all define a look that is her signature.”

A watch can really make your outfit, and there are many styles that are super versatile so you can wear one watch with multiple outfits. A watch like the Kingzqueen Athena Rose Gold Watch looks stunning with a white, vintage tee with ripped jeans or a silk blouse and leather mini. Sneakers or stilettos, this watch looks great both ways. Finding a watch style that will work with multiple looks is both efficient and cost-savvy…more bang for your buck! 

If you are looking for women’s watches, there are a few different styles of bands to choose from.

  • Leather: classic colours like brown or black will pair with almost everything! 
  • Classic: metal-link bands in silver, gold, and rose gold compliment every outfit.
  • Dress: gold, silver, or rose gold bands that can be as simple or bling-y as you like. 
  • Bangle: these wear just like a bangle bracelet and can be loose or form fitting.  

Designers and stylists know there are various elements that need to be met when curating a wardrobe or picking the perfect outfit. When you add a watch, you are able to check off these must-have elements, including contrast, texture, layering, and structure.  

Hollywood stylist Jeanne Yang has compared watches to the spice. It’s the “salt and pepper” that add flavour to any outfit. She recommends choosing a watch that will “pop”, and styles many celebrities in outfits with short sleeves or sleeveless tops so the focus will be on the watch. She has taken it further by pushing up long sleeves or having them tailored, so they stop before the watch. Yang says that your watch “needs to breathe” as in, don’t cover it up with a jacket or shirt… show that baby off! If your sleeves are long, put your watch over the sleeve of the shirt for effortless style that shows off the details.  

Celebrities, stylists and fashion icons alike know the importance of a good watch. Watches are one of the very few things in fashion that are functional and practical. If you are looking to level-up your look, consider adding a little spice with a women’s watch!


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