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Watches for Men

Watches for Men

You’re going to be looking at your wrist more than anyone else, I mean, its quiet literally attached to you.  For that reason, you want to pick a watch that you fancy - you want to find ‘the one’.  How you find the right watch for you depends on what you want your watch for – is it for style or do you need it for a specific purpose? 

When I talk about the purpose of a watch, obviously we know the primary purpose is to tell time. I think we’re all on the same page there.  What I am referring to are those extras like a second hand, the date, etc.  You gotta think about where you are wearing it and whether you wear your watch on your left or right.   A watch that doesn’t fit or is feels uncomfortable is more likely to live on your dresser collecting dust than be worn. 

 Most people pick a watch based on the look of it and if you’re looking for a watch because it’s a great addition to an outfit, go for it!!  But, if you need your watch to do a little more than tell time here are a few of the different types of watches that are out on the market.

Dive Watch

Dive watches were designed for those who work on or in the water because of its waterproof features.  These watches will work up to at least 100m underwater and are made of rust-proof metals like stainless steel or titanium.  I’m not a diver, but apparently it’s good to know how long you’ve been underwater for and that’s what these watches do.  If you aren’t a diver either, this watch still looks solid with jeans or a more formal look.  James Bond loved pairing his dive watch with his tuxedo and was not shy about flashing it around.  

Dress Watch

A dress watch is a more classic watch, usually pretty sleek and polished looking. Smaller in size, they can have a circular or square face.  These watches can have a leather band, or a mesh band made of stainless steel, gold or rose gold. If your looking to add some class and ultimately look sharp then the dress watch is the choice for getting suited and booted or setting off those mint jeans and T's. 

Pilot Watch

Despite all the technology they’ve got going on up there, pilots still need to have a good old fashioned watch strapped to their wrist.  The style of pilot watches can vary, but the shared feature is the clarity of the design which makes it easy to read which means you don’t have to think too hard about it when you look at the watch.  Goes without saying, a pilot watch really compliments a Pilot’s uniform but more importantly, its also a great option for more casual day-to-day wear.

Racing Watch

Racing watches were developed for race car drivers, allowing them to accurately keep time.  Racing or driving watches have a chronograph and tachymeter.   These watches are designed to hold up with the rumble of a race car and are often made from stainless steel with a leather or metal band and a large face. 


If you still aren’t sure which watch is for you, check out pictures of different styles and see what clicks; what do you like?  There are loads of different watches for men available, you are bound to find the one.

What style of watch is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


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