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Watches: Can They Be Repaired?

Watches: Can They Be Repaired?

We live in a disposable society. Sad, but true. Today people are far more likely to replace a broken item then repair it, so a common question is whether a watch is something that can be repaired. The question is understandable because most things these days are not!  The reality is, if your television, printer, or kettle broke, you would likely be advised to simply buy a new one. Even if you wanted to get them fixed, where would you go? Parts aren’t manufactured and sold for many items on the market today, nor are there skilled people around to repair them.  An exception to this, however, is watches. Watch craftmanship is still a fine art with many skilled watchmakers around the world.

That said, yes – watches can absolutely be repaired! Potential repairs will depend on the type of watch you have, and the problem you are experiencing or the damage that has incurred.  When it comes to repairing a watch, the skillset and equipment needed for an Apple watch or smartwatch is significantly different than those needed to repair a Rolex or dress watch.

There are several reasons you may need your watch repaired. A mechanical watch has over a hundred parts that need oil and your watch could have dried out, requiring lubrication to get it running again. If you have a quartz watch, your battery may have slowed, and you will need to get it replaced.   Another common repair is water damage.  Although most watches have waterproof seals, it is still entirely possible to have water damage if your watch had been cracked at all through wear and tear. If you have found you have a water leak in your watch, you may still be able to repair it.  Don’t lose hope quite yet!

If your watch is running a little slow or you have a crack, you need to find yourself a watchmaker. A watchmaker is an artisan that does watch repairs.  This craft has been around since the first wristwatch was designed, and it definitely requires a certain level of skill and training.  Watchmakers specialize in classic watches, not smartwatches. A watchmaker will be able to determine the cause of the issue and will then determine what repairs are needed.

If your Apple watch needs repairs, it’s similar to a computer or phone repair. The Genius Bar would be your go-to team for fixing an Apple watch. If you don’t have an Apple retail location near you, you can likely find an authorized retailer that can help.

The fact that you can and should repair a watch, is one of the several reasons that watches are a great investment.  You can maintain and repair a watch, so it lasts for years, even decades.  Whether you collect modern or vintage watches, you want your investment to withhold its value. Watchmakers encourage owners to have their watches maintained with regular “check-ups”, just like you would a car.   This will ensure your watch continues to work and stay in good condition. 

If you are in need of watch repairs, do a quick Google search for a watchmaker in your town and you will have your watch ticking again in no time.


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