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Watch Trends from Top Men’s Fashion Bloggers

Watch Trends from Top Men’s Fashion Bloggers

Men’s fashion bloggers are the #realones who are setting the trends in men’s fashion. With a mix of fashion and lifestyle while exhibiting an abundance of ambition, style and positivity, these bloggers have been influencing us for the better.

Designers and fashion magazines are well aware of the shift in power too. People don’t want to see overly edited magazine spreads of their latest designs, we want to see real people wearing them on the street, not the runway. Even GQ is posting about the power men’s fashion bloggers are having.

Here are three men’s fashion bloggers we are loving right now and the watches they wear:

Jaybeez @Jaybeezishangintough

Let’s get one thing clear, he is no influencer – he makes that clear in his IG bio; “clear mind, clean shoes, nothing to prove / no influencer, no shop, no brand / just passionate about clothes, shoes & other beautiful things”. After a scroll through his IG feed, two things are evident:

1) Jaybeez has a unique style, and an amazing vinyl and skateboard collection– this is a guy we want to be friends with!

2) He likes his watches. This self-proclaimed hipster has 3 watches he rotates through. His watches are like his outfits and shoes - casual. His green strap chronograph watch usually matches the green in his outfit. Many men’s fashion bloggers stick to a colour palette, which makes mixing and matching easy. Jaybeez has a lot of green, so his watch adds a pop of colour and coordinates with his outfits. If you wear a lot of blue, brown or red, a watch band with the same colour is a good look. 

Adam Gallagher @iamgalla

Gallagher has a whopping 1.8million followers watching his every move. Both a model and style-icon, this handsome fella prefers a more formal look with button-downs and plaid trousers. His watch choice is a stainless-steel chronograph. He’s got them in different styles with a white face and black face, but always with a sleek stainless-steel band. His feed has serious boss energy, and he will make you want to put on a suit, wool dress coat and carry a briefcase. 

Phil Cohen @thepacman82 

Known as the flat-lay king, his flat-lay fits are head-to-toe, and have a more minimalist look, incorporating a lot of camel and navy with a pair of sneakers. Most of his outfits include a watch, and there are two predominant styles Cohen includes; a classic dress watch with brown leather strap and a stainless steel chronograph watch. He shows that one or two classic watches can really help pull an outfit together. His ability to take everyday pieces and style them into classic, minimalist looks makes his feed approachable and attainable. You can look at one of his posts and think “hey, I’ve got a pair of beige chinos and stainless-steel watch – I can recreate this look!”. This ambitious, no-frills, fashion blogger is well on his way to 1 million followers! He’s currently got an impressive 785K followers looking to see what flat-lay outfit he’ll post next.

There’s a lot we can take from the feeds of these three, but the one thing that stands out to us is the impact a watch can make. We wrote about in our post on why your fit is not complete without a watch and why. Check out our post on watch fashion here.



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